That is me

I am Adrià Ballester,

I was born in Barcelona, my education started in a small school, I was growing and realizing at the same time that my passion was to do things by myself, to reach my objectives, I liked to see how my efforts were going directly to my results, it just made me feel so proud.

I actually don’t know why I am starting this page, someone suggested it to me, she said some  of my daily experiences are worth to share, so here I am.

I have been travelling all around Europe and knowing people all around, I learned about other cultures. Never afraid of taking risky decisions if it includes a good profit. I like people, I enjoy communicating with them and try to be inspirational. I speak several languages .

An extrovert young student seeking for good opportunities to show talent, an opportunity to improve, an opportunity to grow as a person, to learn real experience. That is why I am starting this project, to help and to be helped, to learn while I am encouraging.

I will try to share interesting ideas, some life experiences and stuff that would help people to develop theirselves.
Adrià Ballester

“Everyone loves travelling but not everyone does an effort to travel”

adrià Ballester