to teach, what does it means?

It is a great feeling to talk and not only to be heard but also to feel that someone is paying atention.
when it comes to teach, the dictionary define it as “to impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to” but I guess we all agree life it is not about concrete definitions, numbers and all this stuff that can be measured and be concrete.
By the way we use to think that teacher are the only ones who teach, you do not need to be “teachers” if you want “to teach”. Parents teach to children, as well as grandparents; friends teach us as well.
I would like you to think about good teachers you ever had, I am sure you remember the way they were driving the class but you do not remember a shit about the topic of their lessons, that is because they did not teach from books but they teach from heart according to their students interests. They were respected and had sense of humor as well, they were not “teachers as a profession” but “people who were teachers”.

It was obvious they liked their job, more than the money at the end of the month. Once I asked to mine “What did you want to be when you were a child” and he answered “I wanted to work as a teacher, and actually I am not working, I am just doing what I like and getting paid for it”  Those lovely people did much more for society than mostly of the rich politicians. Teachers have impact on the “big mass” the politicians talk about. They can bring down the people they teach, they can make Eisnteins to feel they are not good at maths, at the same time they can motivate and be inspirational.

My math teacher made me think I am not good at math until I went to university and started having good marks at maths and started teaching math to some students (greetings to them 🙂 )

I am living in Warsaw, trying to live new experiences that will help me to develop as a person to reach my objectives, trying new things I haven’t done before. Today I am preparing my first lesson of spanish to some people who I still do not know but the only thing I know about them is that they decided to give me part of their lifetime (3 hours weekly) and I am so happy about it, to have the oportunity to be listened and to have the opportunity to affect someone life. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA