To be rejected. “And they made fun of me”

I remember that week perfectly, it was in June, she just broke up with her boyfriend, I liked her and she truly was flirting with me, she came to sleep at my home and some days later I tried to kiss her and… … … REJECTION, everyone made fun of me because all my classmates knew about it.

Rejection, well not rejection, “the fair to be rejected”, it is the worse think when it comes to discover ourselves.
I would like you to think about 10 times you have been rejected at something, not only when it comes to love( it can be as well studies, job). What if you would have never tried? Personally I always prefer to think “that is what happened” instead of “what if I would have tried?”.

If we really want to achieve something and we are rejected the only thing we can do is to try it again and again, to go for it,to repeat it again, to go further and to wish it stronger. Without rejection there is no magic on our objectives, it would be impossible to be happy, we love what we achieve because we could have been rejected trying to reach our objectives.

Some people say that we find strength through rejection. That is pure bullshit, it is said just to make people who has been rejected happier, probably you will get some strength and you preserve. But it is also painful. Personally I don’t like to be rejected. You can find strength in other ways like finding ways to motivate yourself, and I do not consider the fair to be rejected as a way of motivation.

Sometimes it is even necessary to be rejected, then you realise how important to you are the things you have already achieved. It is important as well to know when to stop trying, everyone talks about the nice stuff like “c’moon keep trying!” because it is easy to say but just your closest friends or people who do not know yo at all will be brave enough to advise you to stop trying, to stop investing your time in things that won’t change even if you try super hard, maybe it could change but probably the objective doesn’t worth all the energy and effort you made to achieve it.

Spend some of your free time only with the people you enjoy. Only read books you love to read.Only go to events you think are interesting, or you feel passion for it’s topic.Only deal with people who love you back, and people who strongly wants you to be a winner.

Do what you want, try to find your objectives, what you really like because then, and only then, you will be tireless when it comes to trying and trying.

“I haven’t failed, I just found hundreds of times how not to do it” – Thomas Edison

Here I give you one video from TED speeches, it is a great speech, I wish I could be as good as this man at speaking. The video is about 15 mins long, I wouldn’t have watched it because of it’s lenght but it took me one min to read the opinions and to get convinced about the video is worth to watch it.

Adrià Ballester