Does money trully give you happiness? think about it


This is the big question from the 21th Century, happiness is such a big word with a big meaning, happiness is something abstract, meaningful, and it is the most egoistic and introvert feeling exists. Happiness is something that involves YOUR values, YOUR acts and YOUR conscience.

Money it is as well what is ruling the world in that century, if you have lot of it you can buy the house you always wanted, you can buy a better car than your neighbour and you can even buy a star ( it sounds stupid but seriously, you can). We tend to classify in our mind things as “we can afford” or ” we can’t afford”. No one told us about the third category, “things we can’t buy”. We actually we can buy sex, but not love; we can buy a house but we can’t but home.

We buy things because we expect to achieve something, maybe we want to achieve to be admired or to feel confident. But no one told us there are many other ways to achieve those objectives, it is full of millionaire people who decide to suicide because even if having a lot of money they are not happy.

If you check at USA data, judges are the people who earn the most money in average but at the same time they are in the top of the rate of people who consume more medicine to fight against depression. why? because it is not the money that brings you happiness but it is the price of earning that money that takes away your happiness.

It is more free time, the freedom to choose when you want to work, the way you spend your money,

Sure, money is necessary to live today; however, it should not dictate our lives as much as it does. It makes me sad to see that so many people are choosing their occupations based off of salaries and not on what they truly love to do.
Found on internet:

“When money is used to buy material goods, that will increase your happiness, but only for a short time. When it is used to buy things for people you care about, the increased happiness will last longer, but ultimately will fade away. True happiness comes from finding people, animals, locations, and jobs that make you feel happy on a daily basis. Being able to trust someone completely, and knowing they’ll be waiting at home for you will bring happiness. Knowing you’re making a difference in life or helping someone else with bring you happiness. Buying yourself a new sports car will bring you happiness, but only until a newer model comes out. The problem is people often confuse the results of consumerism with happiness, but these are not the same thing. Consumerism is a process built on temporary happiness that creates a continuous hunger for new things to feel that momentary pleasure often mistaken for happiness.”

Adrià Ballester