Ready for the new year

This is the first post of 2016, my first post but not much has chaged since last time I wrote here.


My girlfriend gave me a list of 22 things I should do before next December, this list was full of exciting things that will help me to develop my career and grow as a person. Somethin I really wanted to do is to develop my presentation skills, in a profesional way, so I decided first to practice for free in some international events in Barcelona.

My first step was to find networking groups around my place in Barcelona, then I joined some to check how they do, and then I asked personally if I could join as a speaker. Soon the contacted me to suggest me an interview with the main organisors of those eavents.

Soon they told me I was more than welcome to present, but there was a little problem, I had to present about something I did not know much and I had to present in front of people who might know about it.

Even if I knew it would be difficult to do a great job, even if I had the chance to quit, I decided to do it and give the best version of me.

I went there and I should admit I was nervous even if I prepared the presentation so well, I included some storytelling and practical tips for the audience. It was a great job because I enjoy what I do.