Why I am not happy?

I would like to make you think about a topic that is affecting many people. There is a really common problem in society; many of us do not know why but we lack on confidence even if we have everything we need to be happy.

There is a simple reason why people feel this way. It is because many people look at themselves from someone else eyes, or at least we think so. But the reality is totally different. The reality is that we usually have fake assumptions about how people see us, and we believe in it so strongly that we make it visible.

We do not have to pay that much attention to our environment and we need to pay more attention to what is inside of us. There we can find our best qualities; we can remember all the times we have succeeded, we have our best memories and we can find  all the strength we need to go on in our challenges.  Whenever you are worried about making decisions in your life you just have to make sure you are not basing your decisions on your fears, but on your ambitions.

The most important thing to do is to check if whatever you think about you is right and not just from your imagination. Why is that so important? Just for a simple reason … because most of the times we act according to our beliefs.

There is nothing better than to be yourself, to feel yourself and to act according to your values. There is nothing better than to be natural with you, but to do so is not so easy. You need to restart your mind and get rid of your beliefs and assumptions. We need to get rid of those beliefs and fake assumptions that have been ruining our ambitions over and over again.