Find what you care about


It is said that all of us are living for a reason — that we all have to be really good at something, and that we have to be constantly joyful in our daily life. While this idea causes a lot of frustration and depression, some of us try to figure out how to deal with it and how to find what we really like.

With no doubt, the most common mistake is to have fake assumptions. I thought for many years I was fucked with math. I had an awful teacher which is why I believed it. Now, I even teach it. I created a fake assumption. “I have never been good at such things”. OMG! Just give it a try!! To take decisions according to your assumptions is really serious because maybe things that make you happy can me limited by them.

First thing you need to do is to meditate for a few minutes daily. You need to remove all your beliefs from your mind and build new ones. Check if all what you think about yourself is true, and what is the best way to check it? TO TRY IT.

A great exercise for summarizing your life is to do “mind mapping.” In this exercise you will have a nice drawing of your life. I could explain here how to do it but I think my explanation could not be more detailed than this one:

After this exercice, take a notebook or use Excel, and study how you currently spend your time, check how much time you spend on things you like, things you do not like and things you do not mind doing. Then check how often you spend on stuff you are good at/bad at/ average. I have a great Excel document about this and I can send it to you if you want, you just have to email me at

The main point of this exercise is to analyze what do you do, how much you enjoy it and why. Once we find out, we can start working on how you can improve your time to enjoy more. I can imagine you have many excuses why this exercise won’t work for you. I know it because every time I suggest someone to do it, this person finds an excuse not to. Let me tell you that everyone has problems in their life — our reactions when it comes to facing troubles are what makes us different from each other.

Before I went to university, someone recommended to make a list of what I wanted to be in the next 5 years and which things I would need to reach them. I realized I had to fight some things from my character, I was a shy person, which is something not compatible with being a sales person, so I decided to do “public speaking” as much as I could. I also went to “Les Rambles,” one of the main streets in Barcelona, several times to offer Free Hugs. Without any doubt it was a unique experience and thanks to that, little by little, my shyness was not that obvious. I encourage you to do the same, to think what is working for you to reach your objectives and what is not working for you, think about it seriously and do a routine to reduce negative features and increase the useful one.

My shyness is almost gone, as you might have seen I do spend a lot of time in public speaking, I love to do that, and I am here doing it.

Adrià Ballester