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Find what you care about

It is said that all of us are living for a reason — that we all have to be really good at something, and that we have to be constantly joyful in our… Continua llegint

Why I am not happy?

I would like to make you think about a topic that is affecting many people. There is a really common problem in society; many of us do not know why but we lack… Continua llegint

Ready for the new year

This is the first post of 2016, my first post but not much has chaged since last time I wrote here. My girlfriend gave me a list of 22 things I should do… Continua llegint

A daily exercice to get out of that fucking routine

Today I woke up and as I overslept I was almost about to be late to university so I took my things as fast as I could and got into the tram number… Continua llegint

To be rejected. “And they made fun of me”

I remember that week perfectly, it was in June, she just broke up with her boyfriend, I liked her and she truly was flirting with me, she came to sleep at my home… Continua llegint

to teach, what does it means?

It is a great feeling to talk and not only to be heard but also to feel that someone is paying atention. when it comes to teach, the dictionary define it as “to… Continua llegint

That is me

I am Adrià Ballester, I was born in Barcelona, my education started in a small school, I was growing and realizing at the same time that my passion was to do things by… Continua llegint